Creating an inviting laundry room

Why shouldn’t your laundry room be as welcoming and inviting as the rest of your house? It is possible to create a well-decorated place for handling the most mundane of household tasks next to, of course, cleaning the bathroom. Laundry rooms have moved up from the dungeon known as the basement and most have found their own dedicated rooms. Laundry rooms now include the washer, dryer,  ample storage and even the ironing board. Some may feature a desk central to household management.  These modern spaces deserve every bit the chance to express personality and style.

Whether large or small, you can create an inviting laundry room packed with style.

1)  Color

White walls can be sterile; adding a color to the walls instantly transforms the room. Opt for a bright color to make it cheerful or a cool neutral for a spa like feel. Small spaces painted light colors appear bigger, while using a darker color will create a cozy feel.  Consider using dark colors in larger rooms to create an intimate space. For a feeling of volume, use a lighter color.  The laundry room is a perfect space to experiment with colors you may not feel are right for the rest of the home.

2)  Storage

Every laundry room needs storage.  Some are large enough to have pantries; others are small with room enough for shelving. Even small laundry rooms can maximize storage options. There may be little floor space, but a lot of vertical space. Use the vertical space wisely.  An open shelving system leaves everything visible and can create a cluttered look unless decorative storage baskets or glass containers are used too.  Hiding labels and boxes gives the space a finished and stylized look.  That’s not to say the laundry room must be stylized.  Sometimes hiding the clutter is a better option. Hanging kitchen cabinets allow for that.

via House and Home

via House and Home

3) Pattern

Pattern makes a room come alive.  The best place to incorporate pattern is the window treatments. There may not be a lot of room to create a focal point in the room making the windows a logical place to add a bit of drama or art.  Fabric comes in many patterns, colors and styles offering many opportunities to get creative.  A pastoral toile is a traditional choice. Plaids, florals and stripes are great traditional alternatives to toile. Go with a bold funky pattern for a huge punch of personality.  My favorite sources for cool patterns is Spoonflower.

4) Flooring

A simple tiled or laminated floor can be cold. Cold in appearance and cold to the touch. A easy fix is an area rug and they come in a wide range of styles, colors and options. For small spaces like a laundry room, kitchen or bath I prefer a machine washable cotton rug.  In a larger laundry room small area rugs may be dwarfed. Select a rug that is more to scale but easy to maintain and will wear well over time.

5) Extras

There is always a place to add accessories to a laundry room. Accessories can set the style of the space. Vintage laundry signs, fabric coated memo boards, or framed children’s art work all make amazing additions.  Woven baskets add textural interest to the room too.

What makes your laundry room stylish?