The new NFL: The Non Family League


An analogy of abuse using paper

Excuse me while I jump on the bully pulpit. The NFL has been a fall Sunday tradition in our house for years. Once we left New England, there was very little that was fall like for us in Florida, but we still had football.  I learned early in our relationship that if I wanted to spend the day with my sweetie I needed to understand the game.  So, I learned and embrace the NFL every season.

Over the years, we have created other traditions around it.  We avoid making plans to stay home in our pj’s watching Gameday, followed by the 1 o’clock game and then the 4 o’clock game. We celebrate Sunday nights with a sweet treat to enjoy while watching the highlights of that day’s games. We may sip a mug of chai tea, or indulge in brownies.  Either way Sunday football is tradition.

Now, that tradition is in jeopardy. Thanks to the new  NFL or Non Family League.

The NFL news that is encompassing sports talk radio and news programs this September is disgusting.  No one should slug their wife/girlfriend or beat a child the way these players have.  Adrian Peterson should be indefinitely suspended and join Ray Rice in the unemployment line, as should the other two. The fact that these greedy owners find their pockets to be more important than the mental health of the abused is frankly, disturbing.

Whether it’s physical, mental, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, the scars it leaves that can take a lifetime to heal.   Life becomes about fear, not joy.  A simple mistake seems much larger in the head of the abused for fear of being physically hit or verbally assaulted.  The concept of forgiving ones mistakes is lost, as the abused turns the harsh criticism on themselves and begins to berate themselves before anyone else can.

Seeing oneself through the eyes of the abuser becomes commonplace and accepted. It perpetuates the role of victim.  Extricating oneself from the cycle often takes more strength than one can muster.  If by some divine providence one is able to move past the situation and find safety, the wounds are still there.

This fact is what is lost on the uber wealthy greedy sons of bitches (yes I said it) that run the misogynistic NFL.  It’s a shame they have more care for their wallets then the scars bore by the victims. Peterson’s son my well grow up and beat his own kids, Ray Rice may have a son who sees nothing wrong with battering his girlfriend or wife around.  Abuse is a learned behavior. The only way to stop its passage from one generation to the next is to punish and educate those who commit abusive acts. Get the victims help.

Anyone who wants to stay the course and keep playing these bozos for the benefit of their own wealth needs to check their moral compass, or better yet find one.  Until that time, this house will find a new fall Sunday tradition.